You May Be Making a Bigger Difference Than You Think

by Alli Polin on February 20, 2018

John came to talk with me because he was frustrated and wanted to quit his job. He’s smart, driven, creative, and as far as he’s concerned, doing crap work. It felt more like he was tasked with burning a budget instead of making a difference. 


The competition was high, and I wasn’t feeling lucky. A rousing game of Exploding Kittens was nearing its conclusion, and then it happened. My husband got a steal, reached into my hand, and put his fingers on the card that I needed to stay in the game. What happened next shocked everyone at the table. 


What’s Your Personal Leadership Garbage Disposal?

by Alli Polin on January 16, 2018

My entire life, I’ve lived in houses with garbage disposals. In fact, I assumed that it was something everyone had and only in adulthood learned that was not the case. Here, in Australia, most people I’ve met in my town have never seen a garbage disposal let alone had one in their home.