Leaders have difficult conversations
I’ve been following Michelle Mazur for a long time on social media and have always been impressed with her wit and deep expertise in public speaking.  While this post is far from funny, I’m honored to introduce you to Michelle!  


Afraid to speak up and being harassed at work?

I had only been in the workforce for less than a year and had landed on a really exciting consulting project.  I was on the team designing the organization structure for a big IT outsourcing program.  I was collaborating closely with senior leaders in my company and with key players in the client organization too.  The hours were long, I was learning a lot and I loved my job, that was, until I started to get a strange vibe from one of the clients.  I wondered if the “vibe” was actually sexual harassment, but quickly dismissed that thought.  After all, he was a seasoned professional who knew better and I was a young consultant who was clearly reading things wrong, right?


Tips to See Reality through the Flash

by Alli Polin on March 25, 2014

Learn to see reality through the bright and shiny illusion of perfection

It was hard to miss the traveling carnival setting up on the side of the road; I live in a small town and this was big news.  That weekend, driving home from dinner, we saw the bright lights and they were calling our names (at least the children’s names).  From a distance it literally sparkled and the music was loud, but filled with energy and it worked its magic; we did a U-turn and pulled into the lot.