How Do You Work with Someone You Hate?

by Alli Polin on August 26, 2014

Choose to let go of hate

I’m currently working with a contractor that drives me batty.  Everything they do and say rubs me the wrong way and as a result, I’m losing confidence in their ability to be effective. They’re demanding, judgmental, secretive about their processes and promised results have yet to be proven.  Honestly, I was brought up to never use the word “hate,” but instead, say “strongly dislike,” yet this person is pushing me over the edge.  I hired this person to be on my team, and now I’m left wondering what to do when you work with someone you hate?


How Do You Teach Teamwork?

by Alli Polin on May 2, 2014

How can you teach teamwork?

It’s the start of the new sports season in Australia and our daughter is playing netball and our son, AFL footy.  It’s an interesting time that most parents know well, filled with the shuffle between practices, games and team outings. Today, I had it easy as my son was on the footy field and daughter on the netball courts right next door.  I had an opportunity to observe both teams practice and the longer I watched, the more I began to wonder, how do you teach teamwork?  Both coaches were doing their best, but one was struggling while the other was succeeding.  What was the difference?


Leadership in the Deep End

by Alli Polin on December 6, 2013

Leadership Shines from the Deep End, Not the Sidelines

Each week, I dutifully take my kids to their swim lessons.  I get them from school, rush them through afternoon snack time, encourage them to throw on their swimsuits and off we go in the car to the hottest place on earth:  The Town Pool. Regardless if it’s the middle of the winter or the peak of summer they keep the indoor pool area HOT.  I’m pretty sure the official temperature is somewhere between the depths of hell and the surface temperature of the sun.