Coaching for Executives

A leader makes a joke in a team meeting. Everyone laughs. Was the leader funny? Or does the team culture dictate that you laugh when the leader laughs and frown when the leader frowns?

Over time, some executives lose perspective on their own strengths and challenges and end up in a pattern that doesn’t serve the individuals on the team or the organization as whole. Others don’t realize that the key to success is influence, not having the loudest voice in the room. Even more simply have trouble with the transition from individual contributor to leader in light of a promotion or restructuring.

As a former executive, I understand what it’s like to work effectively within the constraints of the organization instead of against them. I have spent my entire career empowering leaders to be their most exceptional selves. Executive coaching holds a mirror up to the executive so they can truly see their behaviors, values, and impact in a new and meaningful way.

The executives that I have coached have experienced positive shifts on their most pressing issues:

  • Increased awareness of the impact of their behaviors on the team and on customers.
  • Reignited passion for their job and their organization.
  • Stronger, consistently-demonstrated leadership competencies that complemented their already strong domain knowledge.

Executive and leadership coaching engagements include the following:

  • Up-front meetings with supervisors or HR and the executive to understand the landscape, goals for coaching, and current challenges.
  • One-on-one coaching a minimum of two times a month to last a minimum of six months.
  • Email and phone check-ins during the coaching relationship, as needed.
  • End of engagement meetings with supervisors or HR and the executive to determine if goals were met, note positive change, and set goals for the future.

Frequently, engagements will also include a Leadership 360 that is either conducted through a series of in-depth confidential interviews or through a technology tool to capture feedback from peers, subordinates, and supervisors.

Based in Alice Springs, Australia, I coach rising and established executives globally.

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