Build Skills &
Relationships That Work

By designing, developing, and delivering training and leadership workshops since the early 1990s, I’ve learned a few things:

  1. Employees crave more than run-of-the-mill training. They may be happy to get away from their desks for the day, but the investment is lost if the learning and experience does not stick with them.
  2. Nothing is worse than the feeling that you’ve been “talked at” for eight hours. Inexperienced trainers believe that their job is to present content. Experienced facilitators know that our job is to have participants engage with the content and apply it to their personal situations.
  3. Creativity and interactivity helps make learning stick. Participants groan when they say, “we’ve done this exercise a million times.” Fresh perspectives are impossible when people are stuck on the vehicle. New ways of integrating learning are a welcome challenge for participants.
  4. Down with presentation! Facilitation is more of an adventure for all participants. Working together, we are able to discover gems hidden in the content that make a difference to the individual, team, and organization.

Break the Frame specializes in training that is custom, experiential, discussion-based, and definitely memorable.


I thrive on creativity and innovation. Instead of offering “cookie cutter” courses, we collaborate on the topic and agree on the focus. I build a framework with content and activities specific to your needs.

Full day, half day, and multi-day custom retreats can be designed for organizations and teams of any size.

Sample workshop topics include:

  • Balance: It isn’t a Dirty Word
  • Leadership through Relationship
  • Everything DiSC Workplace
  • Leading through DiSC
  • Manager to Leader
  • Value-based Leadership
  • Hire Right, Don’t Fire Right
  • The Three C’s of Leadership
  • The Being vs. the Doing Leader

Team Building

Sometimes a fantastic team still isn’t realizing its full potential due to internal personality conflicts and misunderstandings. Leadership is about relationships. Without genuinely connecting with others, we’re simply working side-by-side – instead of truly working together on a shared mission with an inspiring vision.

All workshops are tailored to your organization and can be offered with one-on-one and team coaching to support the learning, leading to increased and sustained results.

Some examples of team building workshops include:

  • Vision in Motion
  • What? It’s not all about me?
  • Leadership Rev-Up!
  • Team Connection & Direction Retreat
  • Style DiSCovery


Some topics are too touchy to be facilitated by an existing member of the team. This is when facilitators come in particularly handy. Facilitators have no attachments, are creative conversation starters, and keep things on track – brilliant.

Facilitators are guides that ask questions and move conversation beyond the polite to inspired action. As opposed to pure consulting, facilitators spend far less times telling others what to do and instead spend their time engaging the team with one other and helping unlock the answers that already exist inside of them.

Areas that benefit from facilitation:

  • Feedback on new processes
  • Process design
  • Vision/mission articulation
  • Issue resolution
  • Strategy planning

Facilitation always starts with an upfront meeting with team leadership to get clear on goals and desired outcomes. The session is then designed to have both focus and flexibility. At the end of the session, the day is documented and turned over to the team to carry forward.

Let’s set up time to discuss your unique goals and needs.