Four Incredibly Simple Secrets for Boosting Success

by Alli Polin on August 2, 2016

boosting success

All of us have default behaviors that are hard to shake even when we tell ourselves it’s time for a change. Good news is that there is a proven path for boosting success even in the face of fear and old habits, and it’s available to you. I use it with my clients and saw it in motion a few weeks ago.


mistakes consultants make

It can be hard to avoid the big mistakes consultants make if you’re blind to the potholes. I’m sharing my own messy story to help you avoid some of the dips in the road in which I tripped and faltered.


editing your writing and leadership

This month I’ve made a commitment to editing the book I wrote during last November’s NaNoWriMo. Every day I spend somewhere between 20 minutes and two hours diving into my work, do my best not to cringe, and enjoy playing with a creative spark. I remind myself, first drafts are not meant to be perfect, they’re just meant to be written… you go from there. That’s the gift of editing your writing, it takes the rocks and cuts and shines them into gems.