Do You Know the ABCs of Personal Leadership?

by Alli Polin on March 8, 2016

ABCs of Personal Leadership

Before school today, I challenged my kids to see who could say their ABCs the fastest and still say every letter. I even wowed them with my ability to say the greek alphabet in less than four seconds. Once they were safely ensconced in their classroom, it’s no wonder I was still humming the alphabet.


change takes assimilation bust personal development myths

When I was in college, three of my roommates were taking Landmark Education’s the Forum and often asked me go with them; I always declined. They told me it was life changing and consciousness raising yet all I saw was their almost cultish devotion and the significant ongoing expense.(If you’re not familiar with the Forum, you may know its predecessor, EST.) Finally, I said yes just to get them to stop asking. Needless to say, after my session, I didn’t enroll. However, it was my first taste of personal development training, watching how much people crave it and wondering about the long-term impact.


editing your writing and leadership

This month I’ve made a commitment to editing the book I wrote during last November’s NaNoWriMo. Every day I spend somewhere between 20 minutes and two hours diving into my work, do my best not to cringe, and enjoy playing with a creative spark. I remind myself, first drafts are not meant to be perfect, they’re just meant to be written… you go from there. That’s the gift of editing your writing, it takes the rocks and cuts and shines them into gems.