Over the years, I’ve worked with many coaching clients who wanted to be “the leader”.  They wanted a bigger title, more money, recognition, and prestige as if it would finally unlock their hearts, unleash their passion, and create a fulfilling life.  I hated to break it to them, leadership ain’t easy.  There are easier paths to take… which is why we start our work with why are they compelled to lead.



Ever notice when someone tells you that their food is terrible, they ask you if you want to taste it? Evidently, they want to share the gross experience with you.


What Do You Notice? Flaws or Fabulousness?

by Alli Polin on May 26, 2015

what do you notice

A few years ago a colleague of mine nominated me for an HR Leadership Award for Greater Washington.  I was really honored and thought we’d have a lot of fun hanging out at the receptions, doing some networking and attending the awards dinner together.