What Happens When You Expect the Best

by Alli Polin on March 16, 2016

expect the best

Our family likes The Voice; I admit it. We like to guess who will get a chair to turn and who will receive feedback and encouragement to come back another year to try again.


How Do You Work with Someone You Hate?

by Alli Polin on August 26, 2014

Choose to let go of hate

I’m currently working with a contractor that drives me batty.  Everything they do and say rubs me the wrong way and as a result, I’m losing confidence in their ability to be effective. They’re demanding, judgmental, secretive about their processes and promised results have yet to be proven.  Honestly, I was brought up to never use the word “hate,” but instead, say “strongly dislike,” yet this person is pushing me over the edge.  I hired this person to be on my team, and now I’m left wondering what to do when you work with someone you hate?


One Bad Experience

by Alli Polin on June 17, 2014

Your attitude can turn one bad customer experience into a positive one

Today was a great day.  There was a huge rainbow over the town in the early morning and after school my son found a $50 note on the ground.  We were having such a lovely day, I decided to take the kids for a big treat at the local sweets shop; definitely a shock to the children.  This is the kind of shop where bins of every lolly imaginable line the walls.  It’s kid heaven and unfortunately, not somewhere I’ll be returning.  One bad experience has written them off of my list for good.  It’s not like my kids need gobs of sweet treats anyway, so giving it up is hardly a hardship.