Why Believe in Your Gifts Even When Others Don’t?

by Alli Polin on September 15, 2015

opinions are not erasers

My son refused to go to school this morning. Yes, I could have dragged him to the car without his shoes and uniform while he screamed and cried, but that seemed like a no-win start to the day. Instead, I drove his sister so she wouldn’t get a tardy, and decided to figure out what the heck was going on with my boy beyond, “I hate Tuesdays!”


Stretch Goals Should Inspire Not Keep You Stuck

by Alli Polin on October 7, 2014

stretch goals should inspire, not make you feel like a failure

My kids rode their bikes home as fast as they could to tell me their exciting news!  They decided to participate in NaMoWriMo and write a book in the month of November.  The music teacher is leading the charge over lunch and recess and they’d selected a target number of words.  Let’s just say that they set the bar high at 15,000 words each.  I wanted to encourage them, but also didn’t want their goals to keep them stuck or worse, make them quit.  It was up to me to help them find a more inspiring stretch goal, or so I thought.


Get Unstuck and Make Someday Today

by Alli Polin on September 30, 2014

someday today

I met a friend for coffee a few weeks ago and she told me about a big, exciting idea that she has for a new business venture.  She was so excited that she could hardly slow down to take a breath.  She shared tons of details which told me she had given it a lot of thought too; staying up late at night, making notes and waking up first thing in the morning with this big idea on her mind.  Then I asked the $24,000 question:  What are you doing to get started?  Can you hear the crickets?  Apparently this was an idea for “someday.” I was left wondering, what’s really stopping you from making someday today?