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I’ve always lived in or near a major city but for the past twelve months I’ve lived in a really small town.  I finally get the charm and appeal of small-town living because it’s less about the hustle and bustle and keeping up with the Joneses and more about waving to the Joneses and saying hello as you see them at the grocery store, out to dinner, and at the movies.


Drop the Excuses – There is Always a Way

by Alli Polin on January 25, 2013

Drop the Excuses - With Leadership and Creativity there is always a way

You want to make something happen?  Then do it.  Lose the excuses.  Be creative.  Be persistent and be just a little bit crazy.  The little bit crazy will stop you from giving up when other people tell you your dreams are too big.  They’re wrong, you know.  No dream is too big; it’s the fear that’s too big if you let it stop you from going for it.


Leadership: It’s Like Riding a Bike

by Alli Polin on October 26, 2012

Leadership is Like Riding a BikeThey say you never forget how to ride a bike.  Thirty years ago I fell off of my bike, broke my arm, and never got back on – ever.  I walked away from the idea that riding a bike is something I should want to do.  In fact, while I’ve spent a little time teaching my children to ride, I never made it a priority and neither child can ride without training wheels yet.  My family is now joining me in a life without bikes.

I’ve seen many notices for bike riding clubs, people tweeting, posting on facebook and blogs about the amazing bike rides that they go on and the things that they see.   People love bike riding and it would seem that nearly everyone I know enjoys a ride once in a while.  I’ve never been jealous or upset that I can’t (or won’t) join in.  Clearly, I’ve chosen another path.  Am I missing out?