How to Stop Being a Helicopter Leader

by Alli Polin on February 23, 2016

helicopter leader

Do you feel like a super-awesome leader because every time someone on your team brings you a problem, heck, before they bring you the problem, you solve it. Unfortunately, resolving every issue and removing every roadblock may be doing more damage than you think. You may be a Helicopter Leader.


The comfort zone is not your enemy

Seems like everyone and their grandmother writes about why you need to break out of your comfort zone. Heck, I’ve written about it more than a time or two. It’s as if there is a cult of personal development and leadership bloggers proselytizing the evils of the comfort zone. Even worse, if you dare stay within your comfort zone, you might as well shrivel up and blow away into irrelevance now. Sounds like fun, right?


be a leader who embraces the truth

I tried not to stare, but I was intrigued. I was on the beach in Fiji, mesmerized by the sparkling clear blue water, and on either side of me there were young women taking endless selfies. Self absorbed to the max, determined to get just the right photo to post as evidence of their absolute perfection. Kind of reminded me of what I often see in the corporate world where there is an intense fear of taking leadership beyond the illusion of perfection. As if telling the whole truth could potentially get you fired or eliminate any possibility of success.