Decision Making

Help! Should You Stick It Out or Move On?

by Alli Polin on July 25, 2017

It’s a question countless small business owners, entrepreneurs, and leaders in organizations large and small have struggled with at one time or another: Stick it out or move on? What if you give up right before you would have been a wild success? Then again, what if you stick it out indefinitely and nothing much happens. 


I’m happy to share with you this Guest Post from Nate Regier. This week, he released his new book, Conflict without Casualties. It’s a must-read for leaders everywhere. I’m reading it now!


overcome indecision

Who hasn’t been stuck in an endless decision loop? Should I or shouldn’t I? One of two things inevitably happens; you make a decision, or you do nothing and let things fall where they may, which is ultimately a decision too. Still, along the way, it’s a painful process filled with made up stories in lieu of the certainty.