I’m happy to share with you this Guest Post from Nate Regier. This week, he released his new book, Conflict without Casualties. It’s a must-read for leaders everywhere. I’m reading it now!


Personal Leadership: Thrive in Ambiguity

by Alli Polin on April 29, 2014

Leadership: Learn to Thrive Through Ambiguity and Make the Leap

Today, I’m filled with far more questions than answers.  I keep sitting with the same questions turning them over and over, researching the answers on Google for hours on end, and waiting for my ah-ha moment. Frankly, deep down inside, I know my answers aren’t out there, floating in cyberspace, waiting for just the right keyword combination. (A girl can wish, can’t she?)  Life will always be filled with questions that can’t be googled, because the answers are in us… not out there.  Strong personal leadership requires each of us to learn to thrive in ambiguity and not give in to paralysis, whining, or throwing up hands in defeat.  Easier said than done?  Not if you’re asking the right questions.


5 Steps to find your voice and make an impact

I’m honored to share a guest post from Chery Gegelman, fellow expat, change goddess, and a friend.  On her blog and in her work Chery consistently shares what she has learned about corporate and personal change management.  Today, she’s giving us some insight on what it takes to find your voice to make an impact.  Enjoy!


A few months ago I was on a call doing some strategic planning with other leadership experts from around the world.  During the call, Alli Polin used these words, FINDING YOUR VOICE TO MAKE AN IMPACT.