I sat down to write about getting unstuck, but there’s one thing that doesn’t get enough attention…What happens when you get unstuck, do that thing, and fail? Failure hurts no matter how strong you are. How are you changed?


Standardized testing tips for students and leaders

My kids have a big standardized test coming up in a week that will tell us if are they working at, above or below grade level.  Unfortunately, at school, they’ve spent the past months teaching to the test, missing robust ways to help my children understand concepts instead of deducing correct answers.  As I’ve watched them come home daily talking about their preparation, as a leadership coach, I could not help but wonder what positive lessons will they carry with them from this testing experience?  Are there leadership lessons from standardized testing that are being missed in the stress and anxiety of getting a good score?


Leading Innovation to Success

by Alli Polin on December 3, 2013

we love innovation

We love innovation.  We think it’s the most gosh-darn important and super-sexy thing in the world.  We want it and we want it now but oh, we’re not going to fund it fully until we absolutely know that it can work.  Did I mention we kind of like the way things are today?  ~ Anonymous Leader in Almost Any Org