This afternoon my son had his Science Fair, and before school, I asked him how many parents were going to make it – it was scheduled for mid-day. He said less than half the kids reported that their parent would attend – they had to work.


12 Ways You’re Eroding Trust and How to Stop

by Alli Polin on February 16, 2016


Every few months I sign up for a new MOOC. Not only does it help we with some self-study continuing education credits (CCEUs) to maintain my coaching certification, but  also feeds my deep-rooted need for continuous learning. Unfortunately, this time, I made a poor choice of courses.


Learn to Be Seen for Who You Are

by Alli Polin on May 14, 2015

be vulnerable be you

When I was traveling last week, copies of my new co-authored book, Energize Your Leadership, arrived at my house. My kids were so excited to show me on FaceTime that evening. I was even surprised when they said that they wanted to read it – it’s atypical reading for elementary age kids. They quickly flipped to my chapter, Be Seen for Who You Are, and offered to start reading immediately. I let them know it was okay to wait when we could sit together instead of screen to screen.