The ONE Reason to Make Meaningful Choices Now

by Alli Polin on April 7, 2015

make meaningful choices

I know that for many of you this will sound backward, but it’s fall break here for my children. We’re heading into our winter season Down Under.  My kids are home from school and for the past few weeks I was worrying about how I was going to fit in my work and keep my children engaged, without letting them watch 92,000 hours of television. 


Ditch the Stress; Choose Gratitude

by Alli Polin on September 20, 2013

Gratitude is the path to positivity

Like you, I have a lot going on between work, family and personal commitments.  I’ve let myself go deep in the frustration and aggression that the stress so easily brings out in me.   I even started to believe the stress-filled Alli, and the gremlin on my shoulder, that there are no long-term pathways out of the stress to make the leap into positivity.  In honor of World Gratitude Day on September 21st I decided to carve out five minutes to focus on gratitude and something shocking happened.