What Does Commitment Look Like?

by Alli Polin on April 25, 2014

commitment is all out passion in action. No holding back.

You’ve probably seen this guy, Chris Koo, do Beyonce’s Crazy in Love dance, but I was mesmerized as I watched it again this week. Yes, he’s a fantastic dancer, but that’s not what drew me in, it was his commitment, passion and sheer joy that sets his dance apart from so many other imitators.  If you’ve ever wondered, “What does commitment look like?” this is it.


Unfulfilled, unhappy, unsure. I'm a leader. Am I allowed to feel this way?

Unfulfilled.  Unhappy.  Unsure.  In a world where we’re all supposed to have postcard perfect lives, speaking many words that start with “U” have become the new “F” word.  Equally taboo in some circles, “U” and “F,” yet one is so much more vulnerable.  Maybe that’s why most people I know would rather shout f*ck from the rooftops than say “I’m unfulfilled, my life is not what I thought it would be, there has to be more than this.”


Leaders Have Feelings Too

by Alli Polin on June 14, 2013

Leaders Have Feelings Too - We are All Human

I know many leaders that believe that you should maintain a healthy distance from your team.  You know, not get too involved on that icky, uncomfortable “personal level.”  Those same leaders believe that someone who is very expressive at work or “over shares” does not have what it takes to lead.  Period.  End of discussion.  Every emotion is like a black mark on their employee’s permanent record.