The Power of a Fresh Perspective

by Alli Polin on September 9, 2012

New Perspective

When I told family and friends that I was moving to Central Australia they thought that I was joking.  You? Really?  The Outback?  I also heard from friends and strangers alike that if I hate it, I could just come home.  Or if schools here are bad, I can just home school.  Lots of advice about what I can “just do” but few questions about what I thought, my why, feelings or expectations.  Ultimately, it was just a lot of projecting their expectations, ideas and vision onto me.  Hummm.  Got me thinking about leadership and the power of  a fresh perspective.

Why did I decide to move all the way from DC Metro to a town called Alice?  I don’t think I knew half of what I’d learn before my move (and I’m still learning!) but here’s the short list of what I discovered about myself and about leadership: