How to Beat Goals Fatigue and Stay Focused on Success

by Alli Polin on February 7, 2017

January is a popular time to set big goals. “This year I want to… This year will finally be the year I… This is my year…
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life lessons from writing

Last month, I dared myself to do something I thought was impossible, to write for 30 days in a row. CONTINUE READING

Break the Frame to Make a Change

by Alli Polin on December 29, 2015

break the frame to make a change top 10 posts

This year I shared real-life lessons in service of your real-life leadership and personal development. As I looked back to see what the most popular posts were from the past year, I also took a beat to think about planning for the new year. My promise for 2016 is that I will continue to share actionable insights to enable you, my readers and coaching clients, to break the frame and make a change.