A couple of years ago, our family went on vacation to Fiji.  Our expectations were lots of clear blue water for swimming and many smiles.  We found both of those things and more. 


The Most Telling Question I Ask Everyone I Meet

by Alli Polin on March 31, 2016

most telling question

Just over five years ago, I went on a series of job interviews before I decided to start my own business. CONTINUE READING

Afraid to speak up and being harassed at work?

I had only been in the workforce for less than a year and had landed on a really exciting consulting project.  I was on the team designing the organization structure for a big IT outsourcing program.  I was collaborating closely with senior leaders in my company and with key players in the client organization too.  The hours were long, I was learning a lot and I loved my job, that was, until I started to get a strange vibe from one of the clients.  I wondered if the “vibe” was actually sexual harassment, but quickly dismissed that thought.  After all, he was a seasoned professional who knew better and I was a young consultant who was clearly reading things wrong, right?