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Aha! You Can Energize Your Leadership

by Alli Polin on April 21, 2015

What's Your Story Energize Your Leadership

We should write a book. That’s how the idea took shape. One person, asking another person to join them on an adventure. Quickly, five of us started to have weekly calls to brainstorm and shape the book’s content. Ultimately, we invited 11 other leaders to join us on the author team and today, our book, Energize Your Leadership is available on Amazon. 


editing your writing and leadership

This month I’ve made a commitment to editing the book I wrote during last November’s NaNoWriMo. Every day I spend somewhere between 20 minutes and two hours diving into my work, do my best not to cringe, and enjoy playing with a creative spark. I remind myself, first drafts are not meant to be perfect, they’re just meant to be written… you go from there. That’s the gift of editing your writing, it takes the rocks and cuts and shines them into gems. 


70 Ways to Be and Do Your Best Today

by Alli Polin on March 20, 2015

small actions big results

It’s easy to convince yourself that you don’t have time to do anything except sleep, eat and go to work with a few minutes thrown in with your kids or significant other so they remember what you look like.  You are shortchanging yourself.  It may feel like a sacrifice you have to make for success, but it’s not.