Why Your Next Step Isn’t What You Think

by Alli Polin on May 12, 2015

your next step is not what you think

I watched my son’s eyes open wide when he saw his new LEGO set.  He begged to start immediately building and invited his good friend from across the street to join him. Together, they unloaded all of the packets of LEGO and instruction books.  I could hear from down the hall as his friend took control, “This is what we need to do first, sort by color than shape.” 


be a leader who embraces the truth

I tried not to stare, but I was intrigued. I was on the beach in Fiji, mesmerized by the sparkling clear blue water, and on either side of me there were young women taking endless selfies. Self absorbed to the max, determined to get just the right photo to post as evidence of their absolute perfection. Kind of reminded me of what I often see in the corporate world where there is an intense fear of taking leadership beyond the illusion of perfection. As if telling the whole truth could potentially get you fired or eliminate any possibility of success. 


How to Embrace Your Personal Leadership Truth

by Alli Polin on December 23, 2014

discover your personal leadership truths

I was thinking about today’s post, deciding what I wanted to communicate and I started to feel like an imposter.  Tempted to simply share my top posts for the year, like a cherry on top of the best sundae ever, I decided to leave that for another day. Instead, I want to share the truth with you, my year was far from perfect.  My personal leadership truth is that my year was a messy adventure with ups, downs, success and um, less than success.