10 Must-Ask Questions Before You Quit Your Biz

by Alli Polin on September 8, 2015

fork in the road

Whether you have a small business, work inside of a corporation, or are retired and starting round two, chances are you’ve struggled to feel successful at one point or another. Maybe your big ideas and confidence gave way to the reality that it’s harder than you thought or harder than others made it seem (from the outside looking in). Before you quit, ask yourself the questions below. Use it as your checklist to reflect and redesign before you resign.


How to Effectively Look Back and Plan Forward

by Alli Polin on December 16, 2014

look back plan forward

I’m looking forward to tomorrow when I sit down, thanks to G+, with my accountability partner for the past two years.  We’re going to do a year in review for our businesses and take a strategic look forward into the new year; It’s time for some vision fine-tuning, goals and planning.  Truthfully, we both have a lot of hopes and dreams that will require hard work and creativity to achieve.  We’re planning on a long discussion to look back and plan forward for our continued success in the new year.