They did what they were paid to do. Every week, the team parked at our curb, unloaded the mowers and mowed the lawn. Funny, nobody thought it was a problem that most of the lawn was dead. If they didn’t show up for a year, it would still just be dirt. 


I am a horrible parent. The kind that my children will definitely swap stories about when they go to college, and I’ll win an unofficial award for the cruel and unusual punishment that I put my kids through on a daily basis.


Say No to the Jerks – Be a Happiness Superhero

by Alli Polin on July 26, 2016

happiness superhero

You know that person at the office (or friends or family) who drives you nuts? They’re critical, snarky, and often downright nasty in a backhanded “who me?” kind of way. Oh, and they ruin your day on a regular basis. If you had any shot at happiness, they stomped, smashed and probably spit on it on their way out the door.