Going big is freaking scary and takes a lot of work too. You may fall hard and painfully, you may fail spectacularly, or you may just fizzle out; none of which is very appealing. For 99% of the population, the risk associated with change is a favorite excuse to stay stuck right where they are. Big dreams take a backseat and life moves on.


Five Words for Your Life and Leadership

by Alli Polin on December 31, 2013

Words Set our Tone, Attitude and Intention for the Year

I love watching my children color.  They do it with so much focus and pure creativity (in other words, while they’re in process, they leave judgement at the door).  Rarely do I hear them freak out that their creation didn’t turn out just as planned; instead of crying over a bad choice, they simply turn it into something new that works.


Modeling Leadership Grows Future Leaders

by Alli Polin on September 17, 2013

Modeling Leadership Creates the Space for Future Leaders to Grow

I’m definitely one of “those Moms.”  I make my kids crazy because I’m always worried that they will get hurt if they climb to the top of the play structure, jump over a fence or roughhouse too much in the pool.  “Don’t do that! Stop it!  What are you thinking?!” comes out of my mouth far too often.  Luckily, I recognize that and I am working on giving my kids the space to grow, make mistakes and learn without a mom-intervention.