Going big is freaking scary and takes a lot of work too. You may fall hard and painfully, you may fail spectacularly, or you may just fizzle out; none of which is very appealing. For 99% of the population, the risk associated with change is a favorite excuse to stay stuck right where they are. Big dreams take a backseat and life moves on.



This afternoon my son had his Science Fair, and before school, I asked him how many parents were going to make it – it was scheduled for mid-day. He said less than half the kids reported that their parent would attend – they had to work.


Mind the (Expectations) Gap

by Alli Polin on May 17, 2013

mind the expectations gap

When I was in college, I studied for the summer in London.  It was a fabulous summer filled with great books, tons of theatre, travel and adventures with friends.  Our flat was right down the street from the Tube, which made getting around incredibly easy.  Every day I’d hear the voice and see a million signs reminding me to “Mind the Gap.”  I would always be sure to take a quick big step from the platform into the waiting car and on the way back out too.  I didn’t want to be the one to fall into the gap and get hurt.