Are you in control of your technology or does it control you?

It was two hours before 2015 and my 11 year old daughter’s friend taught her a nifty trick – she can text on her iPod.  My 9 year old son was thrilled to get into the action too.  I thought that they’d be out of primary school before I had to teach them good tech habits, but my daughter has put on her technology training wheels, long before I was ready, and is taking them out for a spin. 


Technology Takes Relationships the Distance

by Alli Polin on September 27, 2013

Technology should not replace our need for human connection but facilitate relationships

My baby brother is getting married on Saturday night.  He’s going to walk down the aisle, as will his awesome wife to be, they’ll exchange vows and celebrate their love and commitment.  All of this is going to happen on Long Island in NY and I’ll still be in Central Australia… but I’ll also be at their wedding.  I’m going to sit with my family and together we’ll see the flower girl throw the petals, see my parents walk with my brother, and hear every word.  How?  FaceTime. Technology is amazing.