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Are You Willing to Enter the Discomfort Zone?

by Alli Polin on April 5, 2016

discomfort zone

What does it take for you to get over your self-consciousness and let go? Do you stay in your shell or are you willing to poke out your head if the price is right? CONTINUE READING

The comfort zone is not your enemy

Seems like everyone and their grandmother writes about why you need to break out of your comfort zone. Heck, I’ve written about it more than a time or two. It’s as if there is a cult of personal development and leadership bloggers proselytizing the evils of the comfort zone. Even worse, if you dare stay within your comfort zone, you might as well shrivel up and blow away into irrelevance now. Sounds like fun, right?


Do You Have to Break Out of Your Comfort Zone?

by Alli Polin on December 9, 2014

make the leap that's right for you

At my child’s netball game I was talking to another parent who has lived in our small town all her life.  I moved  from a major metropolitan area to one of the most remote towns on the planet, but to her, it’s alway just been home.  Of course, from my worldview, I wondered how she could be happy here forever and why she was holding on so dearly to life as she knows it.  The coach in me was briefly tempted to ask, “Don’t you want to break out of your comfort zone?” Then I realized that I was projecting my bias for change on to her; not fair and not useful.