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About Me

I’m Alli Polin and I work with people who want to have a full life and achieve professional success.

I recently let my kids click around my website and talked to them about my work.  They were very curious.  Here are some of the questions that they asked me in addition to a few others I’m kicking in that I get asked most often about my work and life.

Are you curious?  No need to wonder, here’s the scoop!

Coach, speaker, consultant huh?  Any qualifications beyond your shingle?

Leadership coaches come in two flavors: 1) PhD in Organizational Psychology or 2) Lived it in the corporate world. I’m a survivor and a thriver in #2.

I’ve been speaking for years to groups and organizations and in 2015 I was honored to be recognized as one of Inc. Magazine’s 100 Great Leadership Speakers.

I also have a number of professional qualifications and you can see them all HERE!

Break the Frame?  Make the Leap?  What’s that about?

When I named the business, I pictured the faces of many of the executives I know and have worked with over the years (including my own). Over the course of our professional lives, all of us built frames that defined how we behaved and what was expected of us.  It took a lot of  inner work to break those frames and ultimately re-ignite, re-invent and re-engage our hearts and minds.

Tell us something personal?

I’ve been married to the same guy for close to 20 years and we have two awesome, smart, challenging, whimsical, happy and creative children.  I love traveling and we travel four times a year during all the school holidays to get our fill of adventures outside of our small town.  I love my iPad, am an avid reader and have recently finished writing my first fiction book and am in the process of writing a non-fiction work to help you break the frame.

Truthfully, it was a willingness to break the frame that cleared the way for me to make the leap!  My personal story is filled with BIG, HUGE and SCARY leaps that ultimately led me to where I am today – inspiring and facilitating other people and organizations to make leaps of their own.

Sweet!  What else?  Give us some real insight?

The best way to tell you who I am is to share some of the things that I believe.  I believe that…

  • Learning comes in the stretch, not the glide
  • We’ll never know what we’re capable of unless we try
  • We choose our perspective and it creates our reality (expect adventure, find adventure)
  • Leadership happens through relationships – not titles, silos and paying dues
  • If you want to change the world, you need to start with you
  • Stuck is a choice, you can choose to move
  • If I can make the leap, you can too!

What’s it like to work with you?

Glad you asked!

I schedule calls with most of my clients for 60 minutes 2x a month.  A few prefer to speak 3x a month and I’m flexible to make that happen. (You can schedule a discovery call or ongoing meetings online)  We usually meet on the phone, FaceTime, G+ or Skype depending on your preference.

Most calls last 60 minutes… sometimes a little longer, sometimes slightly shorter.  I try my best not to schedule back to back calls to give you time, focus and attention without the pressure of call waiting cutting us off.

Paypal is the preferred method of payment for most clients.  You pay at the start of the month for all of our calls.  Some prefer to pay for a six month program at once which gives them a price break.

If you want to connect between calls we’ll either hop on the phone for a short laser session or will have an email exchange or two or three depending on what you need.

My clients tell me that I’m warm, encouraging and positive yet willing to speak the truth in service of their growth and success.  I’ll share my personal experiences if I think they’ll help you and will ask you many questions during each of our meetings.  The agenda is 100% set by you at the start of each call unless we are working through a particular program.

I ask my clients for a minimum six month commitment because it often takes that long to make significant and meaningful changes in your life and leadership.  After the six months, we’ll take a look at where you’ve been and where you are in relation to achieving your goals.  Many clients choose to work with me for well over a year.

If you want to talk about speaking, training or group coaching, let’s set up time to have a conversation.

Why do you write about your kids on your blog?

I’m all about bringing fresh perspectives on leadership and life and lessons are everywhere if you’re open to seeing them and embracing them.  I do write about my kids, family, office, grocery store, that time on an airplane…  I think that stories teach us something about the human condition and human connectionthat a list of dos and don’ts cannot.

Do you really live in Australia?

I do live in Australia, but I’ve only lived here since July 2012.  I’m an American expat, born and raised in Philadelphia. I spent most of my professional life with a home base in Washington DC Metro.  Australia has been quite an adventure and I’m trying to take advantage of every moment!

Do you really live in the center of Australia, in the Outback?

People assume that I moved somewhere glamorous like Sydney or Melbourne.  However, if you’re looking at a map of Australia, put your finger right in the middle – that’s where I am.

Why would you leave DC to go there?

I have a passion for travel and a great love for Australia after visiting a few times before the “big move.”  If you’re wondering why anyone would live here, come and see it!  Mountains, blue sky, no clouds, kangaroos hopping down the street… you’ll stop wondering.

What do you do all day?

In addition to blogging, I spend my time facilitating workshops, coaching and speaking globally.  I also make time for my friends and family – something I had trouble doing well for a long time as a busy corporate executive.  When I was in DC, our family had a full-time live-in nanny to accommodate two executives in our household.  Now, I drop my kids off for school nearly every day and plan to hold their hands as we cross the street together for as long as they’ll let me.

Do you plan to move back to the USA?

Absolutely!  When?  That’s another story.  I discovered that when I moved here with a firm end date in mind, I was living like a temp, unwilling to put down roots and fully be present in this version of my life.  We’ll come back permanently when the time is right; my gut tells me I’ll know when that is.

Whew!  Anything else?

My philosophy?  Change starts with just one step, but you don’t have to take it alone.

Is now the time for you to Make the Leap?

I always approach my clients with a genuine desire to help them grow both as leaders and as people.

Why wait?  Let’s schedule time right now: Alli’s Calendar – Let’s Get Talking

Alternatively, write me, connect through my blog, or give me a buzz. After all, leadership starts with a relationship.

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