Sometimes things don’t go your way. It’s life. You didn’t get the promotion, your team missed a milestone, your child decided to color on the walls instead of paper or your presidential candidate lost the election. If you’re human, when the sh*t hits, you probably experience a moment (or two, or ten) of anger and frustration. For some people, their angry thoughts turn to rage like an uncontrollable fire. If you don’t want to leave a path of destruction in your wake, coping skills are your BFF.


Part One: Diagnosing and Fixing Broken Leaks

by Alli Polin on February 18, 2014

Personal Leadership Leaks can Lead to a Breakdown

The other day I ran out over lunch to take care of some errands and noticed that the car parked next to me was leaving a sizable puddle of oil.  I briefly wondered if the owner knew how much it was leaking, if they planned to head to a mechanic soon, or just wait for a breakdown.  I was curious enough that when I got home I googled what kinds of things could be leaking from a car and discovered it’s a lot more than just oil but also break fluid, windshield wiper fluid, anti-freeze etc.  The article was great at breaking down how to know what your car is leaking and what to do about it.