Leadership in the Deep End

by Alli Polin on December 6, 2013

Leadership Shines from the Deep End, Not the Sidelines

Each week, I dutifully take my kids to their swim lessons.  I get them from school, rush them through afternoon snack time, encourage them to throw on their swimsuits and off we go in the car to the hottest place on earth:  The Town Pool. Regardless if it’s the middle of the winter or the peak of summer they keep the indoor pool area HOT.  I’m pretty sure the official temperature is somewhere between the depths of hell and the surface temperature of the sun.


Guest Post: The Heart of Leadership

by Alli Polin on October 25, 2013


I’m a big fan of Mark Miller and his work on leadership.  One of the things that Mark believes that resonates most closely with me, and my own philosophy on leadership, is that leadership is not exclusive.  All of us have what it takes to be a leader.  You, me, the person at the top of the org chart and the person whose name will never appear in a box.  The important thing is growing as a leader from where you are – and it doesn’t have to be one size fits all.


Leadership Wisdom From My Daughter

by Alli Polin on October 1, 2013

Leadership Wisdom - Leadership Isn't Complex

There are a lot of leadership writers, gurus, consultants and coaches out there but sometimes it feels like we’re making leadership so complex that it’s impossible to be a great leader.  How many posts have you seen that sound like this: