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Over the years, I’ve coached senior executives, led workshops for leaders at all levels and most recently ran a leadership program for 5th graders at a local primary school. While the complexity of their lives and responsibilities varied widely, some of the core issues that emerged were common


Leaders: Don’t Fail Because You Fail to Reimagine

by Alli Polin on September 1, 2015

leaders cultivate the ability to reimagine

When I picked up the phone, I heard the strain in her voice.

“I hate to ask, can you watch Matt? It’s my back. The PT is going to squeeze me in if I can get there in 20 minutes.”


Leading a Culture of Innovation

by Alli Polin on February 13, 2015

Chip Bell Sprinkles - Culture of Innovation

I’m happy to share this guest post from Chip Bell from his new book, Sprinkles, Creating Awesome Experiences Through Innovative Service.