Do you know what you want to do and then, um, not get around to it? If so, you’re like millions of others who are suffering from “I’ll Do It Later” Syndrome. 


It started with a sharp knock on the door. A glance at the clock confirmed what we somehow already knew. We overslept. 


Your Biggest Obstacle to Success

by Alli Polin on September 10, 2013

Leaders get out of their own way and have a willingness to take the first step on the path to success

I love working with people to create and increase their success (which more often than not actually translates into fulfillment, happiness, play and joy in their life.)  When people pick up the phone and give me a call it often starts with a gut feeling that there is something more, something missing.  After they pour their heart, passion and past failures out on the table, I’m inevitably asked:  “OK.  So, now what do I need to do?”  They want me to tell them the 3, 5, 17 magic steps that will transport them from the chair they’re sitting in to a verified success.