Do You Know the ABCs of Personal Leadership?

by Alli Polin on March 8, 2016

ABCs of Personal Leadership

Before school today, I challenged my kids to see who could say their ABCs the fastest and still say every letter. I even wowed them with my ability to say the greek alphabet in less than four seconds. Once they were safely ensconced in their classroom, it’s no wonder I was still humming the alphabet.


dare yourself

This weekend, I decided I’m in a rut.


Are You a Leader that Pushes Creative Limits?

by Alli Polin on May 24, 2013

Leaders spark creativity and passion to foster innovation

Imagine, you’re doing your job day in, day out, and after a while you get a little bored (shocker) and decide to shake things up.  You want to know what happens when you change your process flow.  You start to brainstorm with your peers to understand their best practices too and one day you have a big ah-ha.  You see a path that could make a huge difference to your team’s ability to deliver quality to the client and you decide to bring it to the Director.