What’s Your Personal Leadership Garbage Disposal?

by Alli Polin on January 16, 2018

My entire life, I’ve lived in houses with garbage disposals. In fact, I assumed that it was something everyone had and only in adulthood learned that was not the case. Here, in Australia, most people I’ve met in my town have never seen a garbage disposal let alone had one in their home. 


Leaders help their teams to do less so they can accomplish more

I admit it, I rarely enjoy the checkout experience at the grocery store despite the fact that I’ve met some funny, kind, and engaging people while waiting in line.  It’s the bagging of my purchases that makes my blood pressure rise.  Part of me thinks that there is an unofficial contest between cashiers to see who can get the most products in the smallest number of bags.  My cashier may win, but I always seem to lose, as I struggle to move the bulging bags even a few feet.


One of my favorite times during the year is when high school seniors around the world apply to College. I’m an alumni interviewer for my university, and I’m always humbled and inspired by the applicants I have the privilege to interview.