Why We Need Authenticity in Workplaces

by Alli Polin on June 29, 2015


I’m currently reading the book Wired for Authenticity. I’m happy to share with you a guest post from the author, Henna Inam. We share a passion for greater authenticity at work and in life.   CONTINUE READING

Ever Wonder Why Write a Book? Here You Go.

by Alli Polin on June 2, 2015

why write.001

I sat down this morning to write a blog post because I always publish on Tuesdays. I’m very committed to my blog and wasn’t about to let a week slip by without a post. For the first time in a long time, I found myself staring at my screen, starting a million could-be posts, and dropping them like hot potatoes. None of them felt quite right.


Learn to Be Seen for Who You Are

by Alli Polin on May 14, 2015

be vulnerable be you

When I was traveling last week, copies of my new co-authored book, Energize Your Leadership, arrived at my house. My kids were so excited to show me on FaceTime that evening. I was even surprised when they said that they wanted to read it – it’s atypical reading for elementary age kids. They quickly flipped to my chapter, Be Seen for Who You Are, and offered to start reading immediately. I let them know it was okay to wait when we could sit together instead of screen to screen.