Can Half a Person Be a Whole Leader?

by Alli Polin on October 8, 2013

work-life balance requires whole people and whole leaders with full lives

I meet so many people who talk about their life and work as if they are literally two different worlds – the level of compartmentalization is extreme.


Stop Chasing Joy and Ease Into the Present Moment

by Alli Polin on October 4, 2013

Fulfillment and balance are created through our choices

This week was Spring Break in my household and instead of traveling as usual, we stayed home because we’re traveling a lot in the coming weeks and months.  My initial plan was to work, while the kids played and relaxed, over the week-long holiday but early in the week I made another choice.  We’re all home together and I decided that much of my work could wait but what could not be stopped is my children getting older – I can’t stop time.  Soon enough, my kids will decide that fun and Mum can’t appear in the same equation – a moment I’m not ready to arrive.


What’s Your Speed Limit?

by Alli Polin on September 6, 2013

Busy is not productive or fulfilling, it's the path to burnout

Let me guess.

You had back to back meetings today followed by a few back to back conference calls.  The work plan that once made sense and was really do-able (if you actually had some time at your desk to get the work done) is now looking closer to herculean. You made it home for dinner but your brain was still swirling with work and you missed at least 50% of the conversation but you’re fairly sure  nobody noticed because you nodded a lot and smiled between bites.  After dinner wasn’t veg time in front of the TV, it was going to be workout time, but only if you didn’t have to fire up your computer to get through the emails that you didn’t get a chance to respond to today because of those back to back meetings…