Leaders help their teams to do less so they can accomplish more

I admit it, I rarely enjoy the checkout experience at the grocery store despite the fact that I’ve met some funny, kind, and engaging people while waiting in line.  It’s the bagging of my purchases that makes my blood pressure rise.  Part of me thinks that there is an unofficial contest between cashiers to see who can get the most products in the smallest number of bags.  My cashier may win, but I always seem to lose, as I struggle to move the bulging bags even a few feet.


There’s a stupid reason I’ve thought about no longer blogging – I just don’t have the time. Every time I open my computer and intend to write, something crazy happens. My fingers skim across the keyboard and quickly go to a rotating list of websites.


art of holding both

My internet went down, again. This time, it was in the middle of my mastermind call. It felt like a sign, on top of an already crappy morning, to call it a day despite the fact that was only 10:00 AM.

You know, days like that.