Spark Fresh Ideas

I’d be honored to speak with your group or organization to create a memorable experience.  In 2015, I was named as one of the Inc. Magazine Top 100 Great Leadership Speakers. Let me show you why…

Scenario One:

You bring in a new speaker for your latest meeting. Every slide of their PowerPoint presentation seems to have more words on it than the next. While the presenter does not spend all of their time reading the slides, the audience certainly does. As the talk continues, you see more and more people checking email and only a few with pencils, poised and taking notes.

Scenario Two:

You invite Alli Polin to speak to your organization. As a gifted, genuine, connected speaker, Alli’s slides have little more than images that connect the audience to the topic at hand. More than once, everyone is up on their feet, experiencing everything that’s being presented. The audience is smiling, engaged, and inspired.

My passion and purpose are to help people and organizations make the leap from where they are today to a more powerful and purposeful future far beyond the comfort of the status quo.  My personal story of leap after leap from college, to a Big Four consulting firm, to parent, to senior executive, to leaving the USA to live and thrive in the Australian Outback captivates and inspires people to stand up and absolutely know that they can make the leap too.

Whether your group is going through an organizational shift, needs some inspiration to accomplish big goals, or to learn to embrace the power of a fresh perspective, I’m able to connect and leave a trail of ah-ha moments. Part of the joy and adventure of connecting with new groups is sharing stories, experiential learning, timely messages that make a difference and real strategies for personal and organizational change.

Some topics and talks that fall into my area of passion and expertise are:

  • Make the Leap! – How to move from where you are to where you want to be
  • Everyday Leadership – Living and thriving at the intersection of life and leadership
  • Nobody Follows a Title – How to be a leader and a human being all rolled into one
  • The Power of Relationships – Leadership happens through relationships – learn how
  • Unleash the Leader in You – Want to change the world?  Start with YOU
  • Thriving Through Change – Change happens… learn how to lean into the stretch

Let’s talk about what’s important to you and your team or organization and I’ll deliver a memorable experience for all.  

No need to play phone tag, here’s my calendar.