questions to ask your team

Early in my career, like most new managers, I thought I needed to have all the answers for my team. It was an old school way of leading and mobilizing the troops. Finally, I had a leader who showed me another way (thank goodness!) and the power of leading through questions.


The Biggest Reason You Need to Share Your Story

by Alli Polin on May 10, 2016

share your story

I’ve been here before.

Looking out the window, I can make out the faint glow of the Opera House through the darkness. Luna Park is flashing and assuring me that people are out there having fun no matter how cold and dark it is outside. CONTINUE READING

losing potential clients

When our leadership team was brought in to “save” a failing division, we knew it would be tough. Unfortunately, like it so often happens in the recruiting process, we were sold a situation that was more wishful thinking than reality.